Conflict Resolution – Out of The Box Thinking

PACTA is a non-governmental organisation committed to advancing international and national conflict resolution and reconciliation with a view to alleviating suffering, poverty and distress and building social cohesion and trust within and between communities. Our particular focus is in South East Asia and currently we are most active in Aceh, Indonesia. This includes sharing the lessons learned from the Aceh peace process throughout the region.

PACTA’s name derives from the Latin phrase ‘Pacta sunt servanda – Agreements must be kept'. This principle provides the guiding philosophy of the organisation which is also underpinned by a belief in the importance of imagination, patience, local understanding, persistence and sensitivity.

PACTA was originally founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. In order to be fully operational in the Asia region, PACTA Finland established a legal entity in Singapore in January 2010, PACTA Asia Ltd.