Asian Peace and Reconciliation Council established – PACTA General Manager, Juha Christensen, a Founding Member

 The APRC is an independent, international and non-governmental body. It is founded on the principles of inclusiveness, non-interference and consent. It operates on the basis of silent diplomacy and the individual and collective good offices of its members. Its objective is to assist governments and societies in Asia to identify peaceful means of resolving conflicts and reconciling differences. According to its Founding Chairman, former deputy prime minister and former foreign minister of Thailand, Dr. Surakiart Sathirathai, the APRC “... is a unique body in Asia comprising individuals of great experience and expertise who can be a powerful force for promoting peace dialogue and reconciliation in Asia”.

PACTA is delighted to announce that its General Manager, Juha Christensen, has been invited to join the APRC as a founding member. This is in recognition of Mr Christensen’s ground-breaking peace work in Aceh and his continuing efforts to promote peaceful conflict resolution in other parts of Asia. 

“This is a very meaningful step as Asia has long lacked a body that can become a mediation House on the Asian continent, but with the establishment of the APRC this has changed and PACTA is proud to be part of this development”, says Christensen.